To share a moment and to have fun in the simplest of forms enjoying a beer, the company of many or a few, from bar and brewery, to lake and campfire is the purest of human experiences. This is the will of FOUR MISFIT LIVEWIRES connecting with their audience, beer-drinking, and a fun community experience.


This isn’t about stadiums and stardom; this is a story of a band that is truly connected to the neighbourhoods of which they come. CALLEHAN thrives in a live setting, this is where their music finds its freedom and expression and this year saw the physical release of their totally live, totally raw “LIVE FROM THE SHANTY”. And now in celebration of this formerly CD-only release the band is now unleashing a bonus edition including some NEW and previously unreleased material on JULY 1st in ALL DIGITAL FORMATS including streaming services. 

“This album is a collection of songs, some of which were written and previously recorded in the studio. What became clear to us when we began to perform these in front of the audience was that they began to react and respond; sing along and become almost the unofficial member of the band. A magical moment for the four of us and we were keen to capture that energy and create our ultimate live experience and “LIVE FROM THE SHANTY.” 

Revisiting “LIVE FROM THE SHANTY” in preparation for digital release was an important step for CALLEHAN to take and yet another opportunity to give a little more with additional bonus tracks for the digital release and a REMASTERED overhaul of the original CD. 

These songs are not perfect, and CALLEHAN didn’t want to just re-edit or remaster anything in the pursuit of perfection, this was something to experience, the energy of their live performances, in their own words they are “OFTEN MORE PRESENCE THAN TALENT!”, a humorous description of themselves.

“We wanted to allow the listener to enjoy the live performance from anywhere at any time, in the kitchen or on the deck with a beer, doesn’t matter”. 

“LIVE FROM THE SHANTY-DELUXE EDITION” will be released for the first time digitally and remastered on THURSDAY 1st JULY 2021.

And now the band has a vision of a true global campfire community; a CALLEHAN-CULTURE and a desire to re-connect the disconnected through music. This isn’t a manifesto but just the story of FOUR MISFIT LIVEWIRES extending the circle of friendship but “OFTEN WITH MORE PRESENCE THAN TALENT”.